Study the sponsors page.

Learn as much as you can about Race for Rescue sponsors. Clues are based on their addresses, services, tag lines, history, etc

A list of sponsors can be found on the sponsors page with links to their websites and on the Facebook page Race for Rescue.

The Amazing Race for Rescue is a Road Rally. You will receive clues that direct you to a stop, where you must complete a task before receiving your next clue. The first team that completes all the tasks, and is the first to arrive at the Finish Line will receive the $1,000 Grand Prize.


The clues should not be too difficult to figure out but an answer envelope will be provided. However, you will receive a 5 minute penalty if you have to use it.


There will be Elimination Rounds.


All players will receive tickets to attend the Finish Line Festivities the day of the race. It starts at 6 pm and will be at the Scottish Rite Masonic Temple. The public is invited to attend, it includes dinner, prizes awarded and a silent auction benefitting the Good Samaritan Rescue Mission.


Bonus Time will allow you to begin the Race sooner than the official starting time, up to one hour.


To earn Bonus Time your team must help sell Finish Line Festivity dinner tickets. For every ticket your team sells you will receive 6 minutes in Bonus Time. If you sell 10 tickets, you will have a whole hour head start!


The Amazing Race starts at 1 PM if you sell no tickets. If you sell 10 tickets your start time will be 12 PM.


Finish Line Festivities will be Sat, Sep 14 at 6 PM. Tickets are $30 a piece and include silent auction, dinner, and dessert at the Scottish Rite Masonic Temple. All proceeds benefit the Good Samaritan Rescue Mission. 


Need more dinner tickets to sell?


Once you have sold your first 4 tickets, additional tickets will be available at Paramount Rehabilitation Services in Bay City. 

Tickets must be sold and money turned in by September 6. 


A Fast Forward will allow you to skip one task in the Race.

To earn a Fast Forward your team must bring in a total retail value of $200 worth of items that can be put into the Silent Auction benefitting the Good Samaritan Rescue Mission (or be used as prizes.)


Collect items by having gift cards from your favorite restaurants, retail merchandise, or services donated by a local business, or pull out those ‘new in the box’ gifts you didn’t want. Items must be new and have a total retail value of $200.00.


All Silent Auction items need to be turned in at the same time. Silent auction forms must accompany items turned in. Only the Bay City location of Paramount Rehabilitation Services will accept items. Please tape the carbon copy to the item and turn in all of the original Silent Auction forms together.

Silent auction items must be turned in by September 6. 


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