Race Rules

  • You will receive a clue in a colored envelope that will direct you to your first stop.  The color indicates which path you are on for that round. You are responsible to make sure that all clue envelopes you receive are the same color during that round.

  • When arriving at the stop a Race for Rescue Volunteer will confirm that you are in the correct spot.

  • Your color path may change when you start a new round.

  • Clues should not be too difficult to figure out. An answer envelope is provided. However you will receive a 5 minute penalty if you have to use it.

  • You are responsible to bring your team lanyard to each stop. If you forget your team lanyard at a previous stop YOU MUST RETURN TO THAT STOP AND RETRIEVE YOUR TEAM LANYARD BEFORE PROCEEDING.

  • When arriving at a stop your team lanyard needs to be hung on the hooks on the Race for Rescue marker box. If all hooks are full you must wait until another team leaves opening a hook for you. You may not hang your lanyard while you are serving a 5 minute penalty.

  • At each stop you will have to perform a task. Once the task is completed you will receive your next clue.

  • There will be Elimination Rounds, if you are one of the last teams to arrive you will not move on to the next round. You will need to present all of your answer envelopes at the elimination round.

  • A Detour is a stop that has multiple options: the team must decide which path to take.

  • A Fast Forward allows you to skip one stop if you have brought in $200 worth of silent auction items. Route Marker boxes that have an open Velcro tab may be skipped at any time by placing your fast forward on the open spot. Once all the open spots have been used no more teams can skip that stop.

  • Round 1 ends at 4:30 pm, if you have not finished the first round by this time you are disqualified from the event and must stop playing the game.

  • The Race ends at 5:30 pm, please finish up whatever task you are doing at this point and head to the Finish Line.

  • -The Finish Line Festivities begin at 6pm at Bay City Scottish Rite Masonic Center 614 Center Ave Bay City MI 48708.  Please remember to bring your dinner tickets.  We will eat, bid on Silent Auction items, 50/50 raffle, award prizes, and celebrate the great day we just enjoyed.

  • A 10 minute penalty will be given when fast or reckless driving is spotted!!!!


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